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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

You Make My Day

This award was given to me a week or so ago by Rainbow Lady, I sometimes struggle with how to do things so have only just got around to putting it on here. I have to give this to three people now but where do I start, there are so many people whose work inspires me so if I've missed anyone I'm sorry.

http://craftblog.craftybutterfly.co.uk/ Wendy always a source of inspiration.
http://chrissiescreations.blogspot.com/ Chrissie such a clever card maker.
http://rainbowladyscraftyblog.blogspot.com/ Finally Rainbow Lady is getting it back because for me she is the start of the blogging and joining in with the challenges, even if I don't do many. A great inspiration, very clever and a lovely person.

Jenny x

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jenny thank you so much for the award.
    Actually it was Wendy got me started blogging so you can blame her as well lol
    Love Cynthia x



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