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Monday, 27 May 2013

More Fabulous Fashion

I have been playing today, as the Fabulous Fashion cd was still in the draw that is what I played with. I wanted to put the dress, bag and hat on one sheet but it isn't on the disc so I took the png files into craft artist and put them together and added the words.
I think the image on the top card is a little high but at least it gives me an idea of how the three images work together, it isn't quite as high as it looks in the picture I was taking this at an angle.

I think I'd like to do a row of dresses or hats but I'll settle for these at the moment, I've got another two printed out and ready to put together which will make 9 cards since yesterday just from this cd set.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fabulous Fashion

I bought the Fabulous Fashion double cd from C&C and it arrived yesterday. I had to have a play, the way you do once you get something new through the door and these are some of the cards I've made. The first two are the shop window designs that you just print out and cut the windows out and the designs are decoupaged although my rubbish photography doesn't show this too well. The last one is made using one of the pack of fancy cards bought from C&C when on offer, I fixed it to a a sheet of A4 and fed it through the printer so the spotty bit is printed directly onto the card, partly because I find there is just too much white if left blank. I have made a couple of others and will show them tomorrow, these are going into the charity box for our fundraising day in work in the hope it will boost funds.

Aged to Perfection on CD Sunday

Over on CD Sunday this week the theme is Aged to Perfection, well I know a few people with significant birthdays this year so this card will be sent to one of them.  I will probably do another card to go with it but thought this was a bit of fun.

The whole card is made from the best of La Pashe, I printed the background paper and chose blue but it wasn't quite the blue I wanted so I used my pan pastels to change it, the oval frame is from a tattered lace die as are the words your special day which look white in the picture but they are light blue.

I enjoyed my week back with the team last week and will be choosing my top three in a day or so once I have made up my mind.
Jenny xx


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