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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fabulous Fashion

I bought the Fabulous Fashion double cd from C&C and it arrived yesterday. I had to have a play, the way you do once you get something new through the door and these are some of the cards I've made. The first two are the shop window designs that you just print out and cut the windows out and the designs are decoupaged although my rubbish photography doesn't show this too well. The last one is made using one of the pack of fancy cards bought from C&C when on offer, I fixed it to a a sheet of A4 and fed it through the printer so the spotty bit is printed directly onto the card, partly because I find there is just too much white if left blank. I have made a couple of others and will show them tomorrow, these are going into the charity box for our fundraising day in work in the hope it will boost funds.


  1. These are beautiful Jenny, it looks a super CD. I must try putting some of my shaped cards through the printer so thanks for the tip.
    Hugs xx

  2. Great cards, I just looked at my cd today but not made anything yet
    Linby x

  3. Blimey Jenny. You didn't hang around when you got this CD did you. Super cards. Only saw a few minutes of the programme - looks like I missed a great deal.
    Beryl xx

  4. I love these cards Jenny, I bought this CD too, but as yet haven't even popped it in the PC.

    Sue x

  5. Oh Jenny these cards are lovely, I have not yet seen this cd ,but must have a closer look as I am inspired by your lovely makes.



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