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Sunday, 21 June 2009

More from the retreat

This is the box I made it is stippled with pink and purple the stamped with the flowers and pots from a range from Stamp Addicts, I am really impressed with these stamps so think I need to get some of them.

This is what is inside the box, stupidly I put the best wishes on a too low so it is partially hidden but as the shutters are not glued down I can get away with it I think. The flowers in the window box are stamped onto acetate and coloured with alcohol inks using the new pens that you fill with the ink. I don't think it's very clear but inside is a scruffy cat looking out of the window.


  1. Jenny, this card is gorgeous and I love the way it has been made ie it draws you right in. I went into Stamp Addicts yesterday and was talking to sarah and she said everyone had a good time and they kept you soooooooooooo busy. Kym xxx

  2. Beautiful card and box - are those stamps similar to the tapestry ones that used to be everywhere?
    Ali xx

  3. I love this Jenny, that window box looks so 3D, it's amazing
    Ann x

  4. This is lovely Jenny. I don't think I'd have been able to leave without those stamps though.
    Beryl xx

  5. This is beautiful Jenny,
    Beryl x

  6. That is just so lovely Jenny ... adore it.

    Jane xx

  7. wow what a lovely card Jenny,love the stamps my kind of card pretty in the garden
    wendy xx



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