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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

We Three Kings

Cynthia aka Rainbow Lady likes to make her challenges a bit different at times and this time she decided that we should make a card based on a christmas carol but with an extra twist, the base card had to be black.

I didn't think I would be able to join in as I couldn't think what I had that would suit but then remembered this stamp bought a few years ago, I have stamped it with Versamark and then used the Stickum Powder and put on some of the Polished Pigments I bought very cheaply on Ebay a few weeks ago. For the background I have again used the Stickum powder and in the set I bought there is some very fine glitter so have used that on the snowflakes, not sure that snow actually goes with the desert but hey it's Christmas!


  1. Gorgeous Jenni - Love it.
    Ann xxx

  2. This is lovely Jenny, love how you have used it. I love this stamp, it's the first Christmas stamp I ever bought and it comes out most years.
    Beryl x

  3. Fabulous Jenny I love it. Great stamp and effects there. Thanks for playing Love Cynthia x

  4. Gorgeous Jenny, so nice to see you using your Ebay bargain, I have tried mine yet.
    Lovely stamp, it looks so good on the black card
    Christine xx

  5. Theuy do have very cold nights in the desert so I think the snowflakes are fine. The stamped image is fabulous. Such a lovely stamp and perfect for this colour scheme.
    Beryl xx

  6. Love this, Jenny
    Your stamped image is very impressive...looks like a nice texture.


  7. So what if its a desert seen its still Christmas and I think you have captured the theme very well, thanks for the comment about my cakes, I hope you and the girls will continue to be my critics and tasters.



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