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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Using up my Hunkydory stash

I've got lots of toppers and things in my stash so today have decided that I must use them up before I buy anything else, mind you that's a laugh as it would take me the rest of my lifetime to use everything!

I bought these cards to see what they are like and I like the style as they are a type of easel, I used a piece of an insert and coloured the top bit of the card with Pan Pastels, I have also added gems to the fancy bit on the top and attached the topper and a couple of flowers. Quite easy to do but hopefully the person who gets it won't think so, I added a rose to the back to act as a stopper so the card stands up without falling.


  1. It's a very pretty design Jenny, as you say we all need to start using the stash. xx

  2. It's beautiful Jenny. It will make someone very happy on their special day.
    Beryl xx

  3. It is gorgeous Jenny. Someone will be a happy bunny when they receive it.
    Christine xx

  4. Thank you Jenny for your comment today. :)

    Edna x



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