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Friday, 30 January 2009

I've been tagged twice today so I'm putting my picture on now before I get a collection!

The picture has to come from the 6th folder and be the 6th picture.

This as you can see is a very old and battered picture of my mum, she is the toddler in the hat. We are trying to improve some of the old pictures so we can do an album with them.

I'm not sure who to tag as I guess most people have already been 'done', I'll have a think and come back to you.

Right I've thought and here goes,



If I think of anyone else I'll let you know

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  1. Jenny ... how kind of you to tag me ... I saw it earlier, then completely forgot ... sorry ... memory on the blink today!!! I will sort it out in a bit. Thank you so much for thinking about me.

    Jane xx



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