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Sunday, 2 October 2011

A 50th birthday card

I don't know what it is with my friends and family but whenever they reach a grand age i.e. a milestone year they don't want their ages on the cards.
This card and sorry it's not the best picture but it was taken at 11.30pm is for one of my workmates, she will be 50 on Tuesday so I have decided that no age on the card means plenty of bling! The corners are covered with stones, it was a pack I got with two corners but I decided the I would cut away the single line and use that on two of the corners and the swirly bits on the other two corners.
The image and backing papers are from Debbi Moore's Diamonds and Lace cd, I am quite pleased with it and hopefully it will suit her as she is quite a fussy bod,lol. Oh yes and I usedsome of my precious lace across the page too, good job I like her!


  1. Just love that card must be the Lace ha ha

  2. The card is beautiful Jen, I am sure she loved it.

  3. Gorgeous card Jenny, this CD looks like another 'must have'
    Fabulous lace too.
    Hugs xxx



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